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Get complete information about the farm from different sources
Cyber Farm BI integrates with all necessary management systems, allowing you to consolidate data on more than 180 indicators and saving more than 60% of the time for data processing and checking.
calculate monthly milk production
Detailed and precise reports offer a comprehensive understanding of the potential of dairy production, providing insights into growth opportunities and identifying factors that hinder profitability. This contributes to enhancing milk productivity per cow annually.

Have a complete picture of staff performance and its effectiveness

With Cyber Farm BI, you can control the work of the staff more effectively and consequently improve production performance and herd health and increase the efficiency of employees by 15%, creating a system of motivation.
Understand why the indicators do not correspond to the norm
Receive prompt notification of deviations with the cause, which allows you to react to deviations and eliminate the causes as quickly as possible. This approach significantly reduces the cost of operations by about 25,000 euros per year.
Increase the efficiency of management decisions
Simulate innovations on a digital clone of your farm and see how they can work. Forecasting is based on 80 metrics and 200 factors such as farm history, staff performance, seasonality, and more. You’ll be able to make better management decisions, reduce financial risk and speed up production budgeting by 2 weeks.
Control daily production costs, and, as a result, risks
Get real-time production cost information to reduce your risks by 10 percent and respond to changes on time.
Reduce risks from power outages
Real-time monitoring of engineering systems allows you to reduce response time to accidents and hence production losses.
Automate milk flow metering
Fully automate your milk consumption and batch milk production. This allows you to process information promptly to increase milk production.
Know the causes of disease and death of cows
Cyber Farm BI will analyze cows’ health and identify the causes of disease and exhaustion. Based on this information, you can create a treatment and maintenance plan for healthy cows, saving you up to €2,000 per month.
Provide comfortable conditions for cows
Cyber Farm BI can automatically control the microclimate in cubicles to unleash the genetic performance potential of dairy cows by increasing feed conversion and digestibility.
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