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Cyberfarm is a team of experts in agriculture and IT. With AI, save time on mundane tasks and focus on goals like strategy, growth, and HR. Achieve new milestones with our product.

It is not a faceless company,
and there are people behind it

Lado Sheroziia
CEO & Founder
A serial entrepreneur and investor skilled in corporate governance and global business scaling, with an Executive MBA and European Financial Professional Adviser certification.
Rinata Zhumabaeva
​​A seasoned professional with over seven years of experience in operations and project management. She holds both MBA and MPA degrees.
Vyacheslav Suhorev
DATA Scientist
An IT specialist with over fifteen years under his belt, holding several patents for innovations in the agro-industrial sector.
Shamsi Bagirova
Investor Relations & Business Development
A communications expert with five years in public relations, complemented by a BBA, degrees in government and public finance, and a specialized qualification in PR.
Anna Ponomarevav
Head of Marketing
Experienced marketing specialist with a six-year tenure in international firms, possessing knowledge in sustainability and veterinary medicine. Holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and PR.
Max Osokin
SEO Specialist
Skilled SEO expert with over five years of experience, focusing on optimization, behavioral factor analysis, and semantic kernel development. Adept at using various SEO analysis and monitoring tools.

We are concerned about

Agriculture does some damage to our planet’s climate. We hope our product will reduce this damage and improve the environment.
Herd health
Because of the lack of timely information, the health of the animals in the herd can suffer. Our product will help farmers better care for their cows’ health.
Routine tasks take up much time and do not allow you to focus on more important things. Our product will free up more time to do what you need.
Increased productivity will allow high levels of efficiency to be maintained at lower costs, helping to reduce environmental damage and ease human labor.

Let’s get to know each other better?

We would be happy to tell you more about us and our product. It would be better if we learned about you and your challenges.