Transforming Dairy Farm Operations with Cyber Farm BI

Key goal: Implementing a comprehensive system for data management and analysis
Dairy farming is undergoing a digital transformation. Farms are turning to advanced technologies like Cyber Farm BI software to remain competitive and efficient. In this case study, we delve into how Cyber Farm BI has been instrumental in increasing revenue on a dairy farm by €74 550. The key objective was to create a unified system for managing and studying information, and the results are nothing short of remarkable.
At a farm with 2000 animals, there were issues with gathering and studying information. This caused each workweek to take over 10 hours just for information analysis. Various smart sensors on the farm collected data, leading to four separate reports and inconsistent outcomes. The farm management needed a complete and clear understanding of the farm’s situation.
Rinata Zhumabaeva, COO


The challenges faced by the dairy farm were multifaceted:
Reduce time spent on gathering, storing, handling, and studying information
Generate predictions for 100 different metrics spanning 16 months
Implement a decision-making support system
Incorporate AI to ensure work quality
Enable daily tracking of feed expenses
Visualize untapped potential in dairy production and missed earnings
Develop a digital replica of the farm to test theories
To tackle these challenges head-on, we embarked on a transformation journey by consolidating its disparate systems into one unified platform, with Cyber Farm BI as the central intelligence hub. This pivotal decision paved the way for comprehensive data analysis, reporting, and the establishment of intelligent dairy farming practices.

Key Results

Cutting over 60% of time spent on data collection and analysis
Centralizing all data and analytics in a single interface
Decreasing cow wastage losses by €6 260 Monthly
Boosting daily milk productivity per cow by 0.72 kg
Raising calving cow percentage to 62.91%
Trimming new cow attrition by eight cows every 60 days
Increased earnings by €55,480 using CYBER FARM BI
The dairy cattle management software significantly improved the farm’s performance in several areas. For instance, feed costs per kilogram of milk were reduced, directly impacting the farm’s income. This reduction was achieved through daily notifications from the system, enabling employees to quickly adjust the feeding process.

Implementing a centralized system for collecting and analyzing data has resolved issues related to managing dairy cow reproduction. This has led to enhanced efficiency on the dairy farm, reduced losses, and established a framework for high-tech farm operations.

For instance, we were able to impact dairy cow reproduction, resulting in a rise of 166 sterile cows.

A precision livestock production environment has been established by integrating suitable technology, predictive capabilities, and comprehensive reporting.

With over 60% reduction in time spent on data collection and analysis, the farm was able to centralize all its data and analytics in a single, user-friendly interface. This streamlined approach led to a monthly reduction in disposal losses worth 6 260 and boosted daily milk productivity per cow by 0.72 kg. The calving cow percentage soared to 62.91%, and the attrition of new cows decreased significantly. Most notably, monthly milk sales revenue increased by 74 550

Rinata Zhumabaeva, COO


The integration of Cyber Farm BI software has streamlined data management and ushered in a new era of efficiency and profitability for the dairy farm. By leveraging technology, predictive capabilities, and comprehensive reporting, this case study exemplifies the potential of precision livestock production in modern agriculture. The tangible results in terms of increased revenue and improved farm operations underscore the significant impact of Cyber Farm BI on the dairy farming industry.

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